DEVCON FL-10 15980 Flexane Primer – 4 oz

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A one-part adhesion promoter primer used on metals for ultimate adhesion of all Flexane urethanes..


  • Moisture cure primer
  • Dries in 5-15 minutes
** As humidity rises primer takes longer to cure

Intended uses
After shotblasting a good primer before coating with any Devcon metal-filled epoxy.
Priming all metals before applying any Flexane products Dries in 30 Minutes

Physical Properties:

Cured 7 days @ 75° F

Coverage/4 oz.: 10 sq.ft. @ 5 mils

Cure Time: 5-30 minutes

Metal immersed in water: 1 coat FL10 and 1 coat FL20

Metal, dry: Adhesion (2 Coats): 50-75 pli

Metal dry: Adhesion (1 Coat): 25-50 pli

Percent Solids by Volume: 15%