Selecting the Right Dispensing Technique and Equipment in Manufacturing

Selecting the Right Dispensing Technique and Equipment in Manufacturing

Selecting the Right Dispensing Technique and Equipment in Manufacturing

Adhesives and sealants are used for assembling products by several industries including electronics, automotive, construction, aerospace, railway, marine, and renewable energy. The process includes metering, mixing, and dispensing of adhesives and sealants with the help of dispensers like DM2X 400 to create a homogeneous mixture for the process. But there is more to consider.

Manufacturers belonging to the above mentioned industries focus on right bonding and sealing which is essential for the process. But that’s not all. They should also dedicate some time to doing research on the best dispensing equipment and application methods available based on the materials they are using. This is how they can bring efficiency to their operations.

Why is it needed?

Many manufacturers fear technical modifications without even realizing that it is going to make an impact on their customer base as well as business operations, sooner or later. They fear getting caught in problems like difficulties of evaluation and disruption of their financial ecosystem. They make only the necessary changes, that too when unavoidable.

Change is inevitable. With time, both customers and manufacturers expect better products for lower costs, more variety, reduced amounts of waste, and fewer spare parts. All these improvements make companies reconsider their processes including the dispensing process which is an integral part of manufacturing. For this, they need modern equipment and devices like DM2X 400 to bring things in favour.

Every products manufacturer, regardless of the industry, wants to ensure the best possible productivity at work. This is only possible by making use of the available technology and creating suitable strategies that bring the desired outcomes. A combination of innovation and right approach can help them meet their costing and efficiency goals more easily.

What is the best time to do this?

There is no right time. Changes in fluid-dispensing process should be made as soon the manufacturer realize its need. It is never a good idea to wait for a part to be in trouble or receiving enough feedback from customers to consider doing that. Modern consumer wants everything as handy as possible. They want vehicles and machines with fewer spare parts, less maintenance requirements, and more variety.

All the above is only possible by reinventing the entire manufacturing process including the fluid-dispensing part. Makers can start with selecting the right dispensing equipment as per the product requirements.

The bottom line

Dispensing process plays an essential role in determining the quality and cost of a part. It is important to know about all the technologies available and choose the best one according to the product and materials used in the process. For some manufacturers, quality may be the priority while for some, it may be the cost. So, it depends on individual business priorities as well.