25ml Empty 2-Part 1:1 Ratio Cartridge (aka Syringe) & Plunger Kits (with and without Mixing Nozzles)

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    Empty 25ml (1:1 mix ratio) Adhesive Cartridge/Syringe Kits, both with and without Mixing Nozzle Kits. 

    Kits come in either 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 Packs.  All kits include the respective number of cartridge/syringes, Hand Plungers, Resealable Caps.  If you need the Mixing Nozzles also, select that appropriate kit.

    These cartridges/syringes are perfect for filling and applying un-packaged adhesives that use a 1:1 mix ratio, where precise metering and mixing is needed.

    Sulzer MixPac Cartridge / Syringe Part Number: AB 025-01-10-05

    These cartridges/syringes are of the MixPac B-System design, and use the iconic Gray Sealing Cap, and matching Gray-Inlet Mixing Nozzles.  A key Feature of the B-system cartridge design is that the two parts are kept physically separate and can only be combined inside the mixing nozzle.  It guarantees the two parts will not cross-contaminate during storage.

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